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Who and what is Craft Racks UK ?


Craft Racks is a division of our manufacturing unit - Pine Forest.

Crafting now has come such a long way and the techniques we all use are so varied, a constantly evolving craft which can incorporate much more than just an ink pad and a piece of paper.

Craft racks and storage solutions have evolved just as my studio grew - all crafters face storage problems, my wife was always storing her goodies in boxes and cupboards. She's spent hundreds - if not thousands of pounds on her crafting stash yet those things were getting damaged or lost. Have you ever bought the same product twice simply becuse you couldn't find the first ? Have you made a card but it wasn't how you really wanted to make it and all because you couldn't find that certain colour or craft item? She has !

She was was fed up of wasting time rummaging in boxes trying to find what she needed for a project, in fact if she added up all the time she was rummaging instead of crafting it would add up to hours - hours of emptying boxes and hours refilling them only to put them away again. Now she works more efficiently - her ink pads are to hand, she can see the colour she needs and once she's finished the ink pad goes back on the rack. Her desk is clear - in fact it's nice to be able to see the worktop again. She's using products that she'd forgotten about simply because they had been stored away in a box - now they're easy to spot and use.

So Craft Racks was born - designed by a crafter for crafters ! Each rack is handmade in our own workshops here in the UK using only top quality materials

From the feedback we've received from customers they are amazed at how much more efficiently they can craft now - how items are to hand, how much time they have saved and also how it's nice to show their craft stash off !


Pop back and I'll update here as much as possible.



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